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Cellar Door - The Den

The DenIn the early days, when people came to visit Rusden and taste our wines, we catered for them in an old galvo garage between the homestead and the winery. Poking out the side wall was an ancient fireplace and wood-fired oven built from local brick and stone. We used the fireplace to warm our guests as best we could, but the oven had remained dormant for over 30 years.

Christian returned from a vintage in Mexico in 2002 with a vision of a cellar door and communal dining area built around the wood oven. It would be designed to warm the souls of wine lovers through fire and food, enjoyed with rare, aged Rusden wine procured from the museum. The idea came about from a short stay in a bed and breakfast adobe in Baja’s Valle de Guadelupe, where each morning guests were invited to share in communal breakfast in the kitchen centred around a working wood oven. The atmosphere was warm and relaxing with a charmingly rustic old world feel.

The DenIn 2007, work on our cellar door began. The old garage was pulled down and the building materials re-used to build the underground cellar in our vintage shed. The slab was then laid, the walls went up and the old wood-fired oven became part of the fabric which makes up our winery today.

There are many different ways to experience the Den. Tasting the new releases with a view over the winery to the Barossa Ranges. Enjoying museum aged wines at one of our dinners cooked in the wood oven by one of our favourite chefs. Amy Loechel’s striking artwork hangs from the rafters. Staff drinks, family shows and private functions are regular happenings. Happy times are always on the menu and the memories are deeply treasured. Great wine and food is best shared.