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Forking grapes Golden Vines
Rusden pump over Rusden winter vines
Golden Vines Wine barrel store

Four Seasons - Recycling By-products

After de-stemming, the stalks are fed to our sheep, which are later used for meat which is thoroughly enjoyed at our staff BBQ’s throughout the year.

After pressing, our skins are stockpiled, mixed with fowl manure and spread over the vineyard as a mulch/fertilizer.

After bottling in winter, our barrels are opened, shaved and stored in a hot shed over summer before re-assembly and re-filling with the next vintage. We use our barrels until they are about 12 years of age, after which we cut them up, and cook with them in our wood oven in the Den.

All of our waste water from the winery is used to irrigate our orchard which supplies a year round fruit supply to friends, family and workers.